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Digital Ignition Featured on Episode 7 of the CBS show True Lies

Promotional image for the television show True Lies, representing how the TV show filmed at Digital Ignition.
Image by CBS Network

Alpharetta Coworking Space, Digital Ignition, Spotted in Several Television Shows and Commercials Filmed in North Atlanta Area

Digital Ignition is back on your screens, making its first television appearance of 2023 on the CBS show True Lies. The high-tech and modern Alpharetta coworking space was featured in multiple scenes in Season 1, Episode 7 of True Lies, and the television appearance marks another successful film production experience for Digital Ignition.

Since 2019, Digital Ignition has been used as a film location for several television and commercial projects in the North Atlanta area, and in 2022, Digital Ignition was a film site for four film and commercial projects. True Lies was one of these projects, and the Digital Ignition family was very excited to see the final product on CBS and Paramount’s streaming platform on April 12, 2023.

Filming True Lies at Digital Ignition

True Lies follows the story of Harry Tasker, who kept his spy career a secret from his wife, Helen, until they both ended up on a mission together. In Season 1, Episode 7, Harry and Helen work together with their team to defeat a domestic terrorist organization that overtook a weapons manufacturing plant and trapped employees inside the building. Can you guess which building? Digital Ignition!

The Digital Ignition family was thrilled to see the Digital Ignition facility featured in the opening scene of the show. Throughout the episode, Digital Ignition’s exterior, lobby, hallways, cubicle areas, meeting rooms, and parking lot were the backdrop to the intense action and plot of the episode. A car even “blew up” in the Digital Ignition parking lot!

The True Lies cast and crew fit right into the Digital Ignition space, and it was amazing to see the Alpharetta coworking space transform into a fictional weapons manufacturing plant. In addition, the Digital Ignition team really enjoyed getting to be a part of the production process, as our team was there to help the crew navigate the coworking space. Read more here about Digital Ignition’s experience working with the True Lies team and the film industry, as a whole, in Forsyth County.

Why Digital Ignition is a Sought-After Film Location in the North Atlanta Area

Georgia has become a popular state to film in, and this is partially due to Georgia’s film tax incentives. With beautiful scenery, a robust city life, and economic appeal, the Atlanta area is starting to host more and more film and television projects.

At Digital Ignition, we started our journey as a film location in 2019 when an episode of MacGyver filmed at our facility. From 2019 to now, Digital Ignition has been featured in several film, television, and commercial projects, and our coworking space is looking forward to the next one!

The modern architecture and high-tech nature of Digital Ignition is a common factor that appeals to film crews, but the Digital Ignition facility also has key attributes that help make the filming process a little easier:

  • High ceilings- accommodates boom mics and cameras

  • Loading dock- an easy access point to move heavy equipment in and out of the building

  • Nearby basecamp- keeps cast and crew all in one place

  • Easy access to GA 400- a direct route to and from Atlanta

  • Secluded property- an added level of security

  • Experienced team- we know the ropes, and we’ve got your back

As the film industry becomes more prominent in the Atlanta area, Digital Ignition looks forward to hosting more film crews in 2023!

For more information about Digital Ignition’s film location offerings, please visit our Contact Us page.

Interested in learning more about Digital Ignition’s recent film industry successes? Read about how Digital Ignition is propelling the Forsyth County Film Commission and how Digital Ignition was featured in an episode of Will Trent.

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