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Digital Ignition Member, FetchGoat, is Growing Nationally with Innovative Delivery Management System

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Image of Digital Ignition facility with FetchGoat’s logo, representing how FetchGoat established a second location at Digital Ignition in Alpharetta, Georgia to help the company scale and take advantage of new opportunities.

Logistics Solutions Software Company Scales at Digital Ignition and Receives Support from Microsoft and Industry Veteran Investor

FetchGoat is an online platform that unites shippers, delivery partners, and third-party providers under one virtual dashboard. The logistics solutions company has a large reach in the Southeast and South-Central parts of the U.S. and is growing rapidly, as more shippers seek to eliminate the pain point of managing multiple delivery providers.

With software designed to connect and display all the moving parts in the shipping and delivery process, FetchGoat’s technology is changing the logistics industry landscape, earning recognition from influential leaders in the technology and logistics sectors, and creating new opportunities for innovators to be part of a nationally recognized and appreciated logistics solution software company.

Image of a delivery man pushing boxes on a dolly, representing how FetchGoat’s delivery management software helps delivery agents in last mile logistics.

“The Goat is Running”: Why FetchGoat’s Delivery Management Platform is in High Demand

FetchGoat co-founder and CEO, Bill Hale, first learned to track shipments manually and through outdated software and faxing processes. As a logistics industry veteran, Hale, remembers thinking, “There has to be a better way to do it.”

Driven by simplicity and efficiency, FetchGoat has been able to leverage their technology to make shipping and delivery as easy as possible for enterprise shippers, delivery partners, and third-party providers.

With the increasing need for a delivery management system (DMS) that accommodates both shippers and delivery agents, FetchGoat has risen above recent economic challenges and has been able to fundraise and scale quickly in times when other logistics and technology companies are experiencing layoffs.

“Everyone is pulling back on the reins, tightening up, and laying people off… and here goes FetchGoat,” said Hale. “We’re in a mad sprint and hiring tremendous talent. The goat is running.”

How FetchGoat Got Its Name: Fun Facts About FetchGoat

Though FetchGoat is a professional and impressive startup, the FetchGoat team is full of character and wit, as can be seen in the company’s name.

The name “FetchGoat” came from two avenues of thought. The first is that the goal of the software is to “fetch” data and display it in simple dashboard. The second is that the word “goat” not only gives the company a mascot but also plays into how the company is “The GOAT,” which stands for greatest of all time.

How FetchGoat Leverages Microsoft for Startups Accelerator Program to Scale

Image of the FetchGoat logo and the Microsoft for Startups logo to represent how FetchGoat was accepted into the prestigious Microsoft accelerator program.

In 2022, FetchGoat received the prestigious honor of being accepted into the Microsoft for Startups accelerator program, which specializes in helping startups fund their digital development. The Microsoft for Startups program provides Azure credits and a wide variety of support and partner collaboration to startups looking to utilize Microsoft Azure, which is the tech giant’s cloud platform that is known for supporting 95% of Fortune 500 companies.

“It’s been a gamechanger for us,” said Hale.

As a company that natively operates on Microsoft’s platform, this accelerator program has played a crucial role in helping FetchGoat to build their tech stack without the financial burden. This has not only enabled FetchGoat to create solid technical processes from the beginning but also allowed the company to reallocate funds to other areas.

“It allows us to get way down the road from a revenue perspective and generate real, meaningful revenue before we have to assume the cost of technology,” said Hale.

In addition to the digital development benefits, the Microsoft for Startups program has also provided FetchGoat with opportunities to work one-on-one with Microsoft experts who have helped take startups, like OpenAI’s Chat GPT, to the next level.

Image of an enterprise shipper, representing how FetchGoat has successfully made delivery management easier for shippers, delivery agents, and third-party logistics.

How Logistics Industry Titan and Investor, Mark Tuchmann, and His Team Integrated with FetchGoat

As FetchGoat’s technology has continued to impress the logistics industry, FetchGoat leaders have acquired the mentorship of industry titan and investor, Mark Tuchmann. With Tuchmann and his team’s investment and expertise, FetchGoat leaders have been able to engage with a variety of industry professional perspectives while helping to fund additional areas of the company with new capital.

Additionally, Hale believes that one of the greatest gifts that has come from Tuchmann’s team is the opportunity to microfail, which Hale describes as a process where a company could head toward a poor direction, receive guidance from an invested professional, and pivot before making an irreversible mistake.

“Being able to operate with this kind of support and safety net, to me, that’s invaluable and certainly rare for any startup,” said Hale. “I trust these folks, and everything is 100% about doing it together and doing it right.”

How Digital Ignition Complements FetchGoat

Headquartered in Texas, FetchGoat leaders recognized the potential to tap into new markets while scaling. Taking advantage of the booming tech industry in Alpharetta, Georgia, FetchGoat established their second location at Digital Ignition to serve as the home base to their development staff as well as support co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Chris Malin.

As the company has continued to hire more employees out of their Alpharetta office, Digital Ignition has been able to easily accommodate the needs of FetchGoat’s Georgia-based employees.

“We chose Digital Ignition because it allows us to scale,” said Hale. “We can have one office, we can have 10 offices. We can have a conference room with a dozen people, or if we need 200 people in a conference room, we can have that, too.”

Hale also believes that Digital Ignition’s coworking space is “cool and memorable,” referencing the building’s spaceship-inspired architecture and futuristic interior. With Digital Ignition’s unique facility and FetchGoat’s innovative work opportunities, Hale feels that FetchGoat’s office out of Digital Ignition is an attractive place for Georgia-based staff to begin their journey with the company.

To learn more about how Digital Ignition can help companies thrive, contact us.

To learn more about FetchGoat’s mission to serve enterprise shippers, delivery agents, and third-party logistics, please visit their website.

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