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Goal: Accelerating Your Success

If you are reading this, it means you already have a great idea with some traction – congratulations! 

Now comes the hard part – growth. To grow your idea into a business, and eventually a unicorn, you will have to overcome numerous obstacles and fears.


This program is NOT a course in entrepreneurial theory – it is a practical, hands-on workshop to help you fine-tune your strategy and drive traction to get you funded ultimately.


We will cover every aspect of how you present yourself and your company, from how you explain your business to a random stranger to how you market yourself to investors. Everything we teach is tried, true, and based on 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience to win sales and drive investment.

The Accelerator for Startups on a Mission

A 12-week accelerator, led by Silicon Valley leaders, to help you drive sales, scale your organization, and prepare to fundraise in front of hundreds of investors. 

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Program Overview

How many hours per week is the accelerator, and what is the commitment?
  • The kick-off event is approximately one and a half hours, where you will meet our team and other founders.

  • This accelerator will consist of three Mentor Madness sessions where you will meet top executives, investors, and others in tech who will provide constructive feedback on your startup. The format will be a round-robin speed dating style, which will run for one and a half hours each.                        

  • Each week, there are 90-minute check-ins to include weekly themes.

  • Throughout the program, you will be refining your sales presentation, website, and pitch deck. Slack is where we will work with you on growing your sales/user traction with the priority of setting up meetings and sales/investments.

We're here to help startups achieve breakthrough results in 2024 and beyond.

Experienced Team

Is this FG’s first accelerator program? What makes FG qualified to lead a tech accelerator?

Derek Distenfield, who is an award-winning entrepreneur and manages FG Ventures, will lead the tech accelerator and bring his network and experience:

  • Working with technology companies from $0-$2b

  • Being a co-founder of GSD Venture Studios where he had 100+ companies attend and companies raise as much as $30m

  • Seeding more than 350 companies

  • Working with domestic and international investors.


The Answers You Need

  • Each day focuses on these core areas: product, traction, and fundraising.

  • The goal is to customize a plan that generates sales and investments in line with your needs.

  • Similar to Y-Combinator, we believe that you should be able to run your company day to day, with our guidance as needed.

  • The big value add is that we will go out and test the market to get you feedback from the press, partners etc.

What does a typical day look like?

Ready to Jumpstart 2024?

To apply click the button below . We look forward to embarking on this journey with you!

Only 10 companies will be accepted into the program every quarter, so submit your application early. Deadline is March 31, 2024.


12 Weeks



How We Accelerate Your Growth

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