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Large Collaboration Spaces
N+1 Redundancy
Expandable Racks
Biometric Security
Reduce Costly Cloud Pricing
Flexible Contracts

​A Data Center That Protects Your Digital Growth.

Alpharetta data center storage and disaster recovery solution to help growing companies thrive in today’s increasingly data-driven world.

Today, more than ever, it is critical for all companies have secure and reliable access to their data. 


Our data center is designed to help growing companies neutralize the impact of a cyber attack, offset the higher costs of cloud computing, and reduce your downtime in the event of any network issue.  

Whether looking for storage or looking for a easily accessible technology testing ground, our data center team is here to support your growing technology needs. 

Affordable Data Center Solutions for Small Businesses

Digital Ignition offers the flexibility I need in order to accommodate multiple growing IT clients that need immediate and secure access to their data.

Chris H.

President, Vocalogic

Data center in alpharetta

Instant Data Recovery Center for Small to Midsized Companies

Digital Ignition provides an on-demand emergency center with direct access to their replicated infrastructure, and assistance with executing your company’s disaster recovery plans.


Biometric Access Control, N+1 Redundancy, and Leibert Assisted Datacenter Cooling, provides your business with a professional disaster hot site. 


With dynamic overflow seating arrangements, Digital Ignition can support up to 100 individuals working on-demand within our Network Operations Center (NOC).

alpharetta data center

A One-Stop Data Center With Everything a Growing Company Needs: 

  • Data Center near home and technology epicenters – strategically located in one of the fastest growing tech areas in the nation.

  • On-demand access to information, replicated backups, as well as personnel that can assist with disaster recovery planning.

  • Data Center protections infrastructure that includes Biometric access controls, N+1 redundancy, Leibert assisted datacenter cooling, power generators, ISP providers, and ongoing support.

  • Dynamic overflow seating arrangements that can accommodate tech teams of up to 100 people if needed to test or restore a company’s full system.

  • Dedicated public internet addresses available for VPN or remote server/network access.

  • Onsite network engineers to assist with configuration and getting started.

IOT Coworking

Interested in having an ongoing IT desk?

Digital Ignition offers discounted desks to companies that are utilizing our data center in order to make IT management that much easier.

Ideal For:

Companies with Highly Confidential Information

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and  Machine Learning Companies

Internet of Things (IoT) and

Blockchain Teams

3D Modeling, and Product Development Firms

Technology Providers and

Digital Transformation Groups

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