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What Makes Coworking Special?

Our open-area coworking spaces are ideal for those looking for a change of pace from the work-from-home standard that we've grown accustomed to. Whether you prefer an open seat or a more private hot desk, you might be a perfect fit for our coworking membership or day pass at Digital Ignition!

Why This Works for You


Tired of over-priced spaces? We can fix that! 



A perfect combination of productivity and networking. Made for those looking to achieve and find a community. 

  • Unlimited Coffee + Tea + Snacks

  • 24/7 Access

  • Access to Mailroom and Business Address ($25)

Day Pass


Looking to try out coworking? Come give it a go with our Digital Ignition Coworking Day Pass! Here's what's included:

  • Unlimited Coffee + Tea + Snacks

  • Business Hour Access

Coworking space in Alpharetta Georgia
Coworking space in Alpharetta Georgia
Coworking space in Alpharetta Georgia

Our Space Was Used in a Commercial

Our high ceilings and spacious environment provides so much room it was able to fit the large cameras and crew needed to film a commercial.


Book a tour to see for yourself, and get a free day pass on us while you're here! 

Filming location in Alpharetta example


The Answers You Need

Yes, our coworking areas are all first come, first serve. In an event that our space is at capacity; our friendly staff will make immediate accommodations to make sure you have a productive day.

Do I get to choose where I sit? Is it first come first serve?

Absolutely! One of the benefits of Coworking Memberships is networking, and our events are a great place to do so. All of our Coworking Memberships include discounted and free networking events throughout the year!

As a Coworking Member, can I still attend Digital Ignition events?

Yes, we offer all of our members the opportunity to upgrade from the basic open-area Coworking Membership to other packages, including dedicated desks and private offices.

Can I upgrade my Coworking Membership at any time?


Designed for You.

Open seating area for those looking for a quick place to meet and work. Join our coworking community or grab a day pass... whatever works best for you!

Coworking space in Alpharetta Georgia

High Speed Internet

Business Hour Access

Discounted Events

Unlimited Coffee, Tea, & Snacks

Free Parking

Printer/Scanner Access

Extras +

Our Coworking membership includes access to all of our open workspaces, high speed internet, business hour access, discounted networking and Digital Ignition community events, printers and scanners, free parking, unlimited coffee, tea, and snacks...


Digital Ignition takes pride in offering membership perks that you’ll love!

Still Not Sure?

Check out some of our other options:

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