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Our versatile conference rooms and creative space-themed building turn your long meetings into a bright and collaborative conversation! Whether you need space for 2 or 200, we can accommodate your needs. Our conference rooms are designed to impress your guests and are conveniently located at 400 and McFarland Parkway just across the street from Halcyon which hosts plenty of restaurants giving your group lots of options for eating in or out.


$15/hour for members | $25/hour for non-members

Discounted Day Rates Available

  • Accommodates 6-8 People

  • Large Monitor with AV Hookup

  • Private Outdoor Views

  • Whiteboards


Perfect for a group of 6 – 8 people, our corner conference rooms have floor to ceiling windows with beautiful private views to the outdoors. These rooms set the tone for a relaxed, productive meeting and are ideal for small team sessions, client meetings, or private zoom conference calls.   Each room is equipped with large flat screens, conference calling capabilities, and whiteboards to foster easy in-person or remote collaboration and brainstorming.  


$25/hour for members | $40/hour for non-members

Discounted Day Rates Available

  • Accommodates 10-20 People 

  • Spacious Private Setting 

  • 3 Presentation Screens 

  • Multiple Electrical Access Points


This unique U.S.S. Enterprise inspired conference room is the ideal meeting space for 10 – 20 people. With a large 9’ wireless projection screen and two 42” monitors this room gives you lots of presentation options. The Universe Room is fully outfitted and ready to help your business reach its full potential. This spacious conference room inspires great ideas to motivate your coworkers, impress your clients, or brainstorm your next big venture. 


$50/hour for members | $75/hour for non-members

Discounted Day Rates Available

  • Accommodates 20-35 People

  • Multiple Configurations 

  • Large Presentation Monitor

  • Mobile Whiteboards


Finding a training room or seminar space in the right location with the right layout makes all the difference in your learning experience. This open, flexible meeting room space is ideal for training sessions, educational workshops, or all-day presentations. This room easily accommodates 20-35 people and is easily configured into multiple formats that best suits your needs. With an oversized monitor, modern podium, and movable whiteboards, the Hubble Training Room makes training seminars easy and efficient. Whether you need a more conventional classroom setup or a collaborative configuration that promotes dialogue and brainstorming, this room provides the perfect environment.

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Looking for office space in Alpharetta? Digital Ignition is a launching pad for businesses looking for growth. As the official Blockchain, AI, and IoT incubator of Forward Forsyth, Digital Ignition is an innovative venue located at the heart of the 400 Technology Corridor (on McFarland Pkwy). 

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Digital Ignition is the Official Blockchain, AI, and IoT Incubator of Forward Forsyth


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