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MacGyver Episode Filmed at Digital Ignition

Digital Ignition had an incredible 2019 and one of the highlight for all our Alpharetta Office members was to have the MacGyver TV Series, season 4, episode 9 film at our coworking space!

The film industry has been growing in Georgia (especially in Forsyth County) and, while we regularly have movie scouts visit our location for sci-fi themed shows, we were excited to experience our first TV series filming. There were some key things that really amazed us during our MacGyver experience:

Our Alpharetta Offices Were Transformed: While we know we have a very unique building, it is truly amazing to see what a movie-magic team can do to enhance the character of a building. Our space-themed architecture inspired by the spaceship from Lost in Space was enhanced with blue lights and a large crane overhead. Small moves made a big difference—one that we would like to recreate again.

Our Alpharetta Meeting Rooms Served as Greenrooms: The actors needed a place to practice their lines before they go on set. They also must kept away from the curious and adoring eyes of their fans. Our large conference room served as the greenroom for the main actors while our breakroom acted as the holding center for the extras (more than 75 of them!). In fact, our large Star Trek themed conference room seemed to give the actors inspiration during this episode as it has been hailed as one of the best in the series! The small conference rooms served as an office for the operations and management team, and the training room served as storage for the lights and equipment used during the shooting of the episode.

Our Secluded Wooded Location Helped Make Filming Successful: Our 44,000 square foot building, large parking lot, and private wooded area (just off Georgia 400) made it easy for celebrity actors to come and go as needed. Our large parking lot gave easy access to the countless movie trailers, foot trucks, generators, and movie extras. At any given moment we had more than 200 cars and at least 10 trailers on site.

Most importantly, the MacGyver Team was incredibly careful and professional every step of the way. They made sure our location was protected at all times carefully covering our new carpet and putting up wall protectors. When they finished filming, they had a cleaning crew come out and make sure everything was spotless and back in place. Thank you MacGyver Team for letting us be a part of this incredible experience! 

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