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Digital Ignition Proves to be a Unique Film Location for Commercials, TV Shows, and Motion Pictures

The Georgia Film Industry Utilizing Space in Digital Ignition

The Growth of the Film & Television Industry in Atlanta.

Over the last 20 years, the state of Georgia has blossomed into one of the world’s most lucrative and versatile locations for the film industry as a whole. From generous tax incentives for film productions, to a flexible landscape of filming locations, Georgia has quickly developed into a massive production hub for the film industry. In fact, in the 2021 fiscal year, film and television productions have spent over $4 billion in direct spending in Georgia (a record amount).

Film Location Scouts Looking for Unique Spaces.

Given the influx of film and television productions in the state, location scouts are constantly looking for new and different locations to utilize for production purposes. Over the last few years, Digital Ignition has caught the eye of many location scouts. Here’s what makes Digital Ignition an incredible production site for the film and television industry:

An Accessible Location.

Digital Ignition’s space is located just 5 minutes from GA 400, making it easy to find and very accessible for film crews. Furthermore, even though it is close to the highway, the grounds are in a secluded area that can be easily set up to keep away unauthorized visitors and onlookers.

Film Permits Made Easy.

In the event specific county permits or other legal documentations are required for production, the Digital Ignition management team has a strong relationship with the county and their Forsyth county film team -- making this process easier for film crews.

Spacious Site.

Digital Ignition offers production crews with space to operate efficiently. For starters, Digital Ignition’s parking space can comfortably house talent trailers, large lighting and camera equipment, and crew parking. In addition, the outdoor space consists of 11 acres of gardens and futuristic architectural structures guaranteed to offer unique settings.

Office Space for Filming.

As for the space itself, Digital Ignition has more than 43,000 square feet of open office space, with high ceilings and bright lighting to support unique camera angles and perspectives. Aside from the open office areas, Digital Ignition possesses some very distinctive spaces within the building, including:

  • Data Center facility and racks

  • Different size and style office spaces

  • NASA-Command Center Inspired Auditorium

  • Spacious conference rooms that can be transformed into green rooms, make-up rooms, storage areas, etc.

Additionally, a loading dock into the building can expedite the process of transporting equipment in and out of the space.

Film Experienced Staff.

Perhaps the most important benefit of Digital Ignition as a potential production site comes in the form of an experienced staff that’s ready to embrace film crews and help them achieve success. Digital Ignition’s team regularly works with location scouts looking for ideal sites for movies, television, and commercial production. Our team makes scheduling and production set-up an easy process by working with production teams to make sure there are no unresolved issues on film days. They’ve successfully worked with various film directors and production teams that were seeking to achieve a specific look or experience within the space.

With film production, plans don’t always go as intended. Digital Ignition’s staff can make adjustments accordingly. From lighting alterations to resolving sound issues, our staff is dedicated a seamless experience for production staffs.

Since entering the film industry as a production site, Digital Ignition has hosted a variety of production teams. This includes the following productions:

  • CBS’s Television Show MacGyver

  • Local Community Promotional Films for The Forsyth Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta Regional Commission, and South Forsyth Community Improvement District. Check us out on their recent Forsyth transportation summit piece.

  • Commercials including two 30 second spots with GEHA where they office space filming and auditorium filming occurred.

  • Short films and SCAD film student projects.

Community Ties for Last Minute Production Needs.

Digital Ignition has a strong relationship with the local community. Our management team can assist with last minute needs regarding shopping and catering. Additionally, we can help facilitate a call to action for local film extras if needed.

Interested in touring Digital Ignition for your next film project? Contact us! We’re ready for you!

About Digital Ignition

Digital Ignition is known for its spacious offices and workstations as well as unique spaceship design. We are conveniently located across from Halcyon at the heart of the GA 400 technology corridor on exit 12 (McFarland Parkway).

With easy access to and from downtown Atlanta, we serve growing businesses from Dunwoody, Alpharetta, John’s Creek, Cumming, Suwanee, Gainesville, and other thriving north Metro Atlanta communities.

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