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Digital Ignition Hosts Sip & Succeed Networking Event to Honor ModifyHealth's Series B Funding

Picture of ModifyHealth founder and CEO, G.B. Pratt, laughing while at Digital Ignition’s Sip & Succeed event.

As a community-focused and growth-oriented coworking space, Digital Ignition hosted a Sip & Succeed event to celebrate the success of member, ModifyHealth, who secured $10 million in Series B Funding for their “food as medicine” platform.

At the event, ModifyHealth founder and CEO, G.B. Pratt, shared the story of his company as well as tips and tricks for fundraising and pursing venture capital.

We’ve been a member at Digital Ignition since ModifyHealth began in 2019,” said Pratt. “While here, we’ve fundraised through some unique times. We raised money during 2020 in the height of the pandemic, and again in 2022 as the economy started to take a turn.”

Pratt went on to explain that through growing his company in the midst of global crises, he realized that “you can’t do fundraising part time,” and encouraged all of his colleagues to find the opportunities in their own companies that allow them to chase after their dreams and pursue supporters and investors along the way.

Companies Grow at Digital Ignition

Picture of ModifyHealth founder and CEO, G.B. Pratt, discussing venture capital tips to Digital Ignition coworking space members and fellow entrepreneurs.

The wisdom and advice that Pratt offered to those at the event was inspiring, but even more so, reinforced the reasons why the Digital Ignition team strives to serve as a catalyst to its members, helping companies in the coworking space to evolve and thrive.

We want to recognize our members’ successes, and we will continue to foster an environment that supports companies through their journeys to greatness,” said Joanne Sanders, general manager of Digital Ignition and president of EWISE Marketing and Communications.

From 2019 to 2023, ModifyHealth has shown great success helping to heal individuals living with chronic illness through a “food as medicine” approach. With more than 85% of ModifyHealth’s clients improving their symptoms in as little as two weeks through expertly crafted, medically tailored meals, the demand for the brand has skyrocketed and has paved the way for ModifyHealth to expand its nationwide reach.

Thank you to Digital Ignition for supporting us throughout our growth phase,” said Pratt. “With this new funding, led by RC Capital, we can continue growing our corporate team out of Digital Ignition as well as invest in new opportunities to accelerate the ModifyHealth brand experience.”

Digital Ignition is an Alpharetta coworking space that champions their members’ accomplishments. The coworking space is proud to serve ModifyHealth and looks forward to celebrating the best to come for all of its members.

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To read more about ModifyHealth’s Series B Funding, check out our blog.

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