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Empowering Entrepreneurs: National Entrepreneurship Week at Digital Ignition

Digital Ignition Joins in the Celebration of Innovators Nationwide

Picture of two business owners, representing how Digital Ignition will recognize and celebrate entrepreneurs during National Entrepreneurship Week.

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? At Digital Ignition, we know firsthand that entrepreneurs are risk takers who have revolutionary ideas that truly can change the world. In light of National Entrepreneurship Week, we want to take advantage of this opportunity to recognize the hard work and determination of the entrepreneurs at Digital Ignition who are driving economic growth, creating job opportunities, and revolutionizing industries.

National Entrepreneurship Week 2023 Mission and Themes

The Digital Ignition team could not be more excited about National Entrepreneurship Week. From February 11-18, the nonpartisan, congressional charted initiative aims to amplify the voices of America’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.

This year’s daily themes for the initiative were:

  • Entrepreneurship Education (Monday 2/13)

  • Entrepreneurship Ecosystems (Tuesday 2/14)

  • Federal & Gov Entrepreneurship (Wednesday 2/15)

  • Everyday Entrepreneurs (Thursday 2/16)

  • SBA Day Biz Roadmap (Friday 2/17)

As a coworking space, we understand the importance of supporting and empowering entrepreneurs, and that's why we are proud to promote National Entrepreneurship Week, and the incredible resources that this initiative provides. We hope that all of our members will take part in celebrating their entrepreneurial journey through the lens of each of these themes.

Additionally, if you’re looking for local resources that can help take your business to the next level, reach out to the Digital Ignition team to see how our coworking space can support your company.

The Rise of American Entrepreneurship

For National Entrepreneurship Week, we also want to recognize the exciting trends that we’re seeing in American entrepreneurship. If you don’t already know, more and more Americans are claiming the entrepreneur title, which is reinforcing the value of small businesses on a national level.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, individuals who were laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic made the best of unfortunate circumstances and discovered new opportunities as entrepreneurs. Check out the facts from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce below:

  • Total business applications doubled in 2020 compared to recent years.

  • In 2021 alone, a record-breaking 5.4 million new business applications were filed, and nearly as many – 5.1 million – were filed in 2022.

  • Many individuals, laid off because of pandemic shutdowns, turned their ideas and hobbies into businesses that could be run from home.

  • Entrepreneurs also tapped into the need for personal consulting services. This trend held in 2022 with most business applications being filed for enterprises in the retail trade and professional services industries.

  • From 2016 to 2019 on average, 9.5% of business applications lead to business formations. If this trend continues, we can expect 1.4 million new businesses to employ workers.

As a coworking space and technology hub, we are thrilled to see the rise in entrepreneurship. Even more so, we’re excited for the industries that seem to be booming as a result of new businesses. In Babson College’s Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2021/2022 U.S. Report, a statistic was listed that more than half of the entrepreneurs who are starting new businesses are in the professional services and technology industries. This falls right in line with many of the Digital Ignition members’ industries.

H3: Entrepreneurs Belong at Digital Ignition

Though National Entrepreneurship Week is a fantastic way to celebrate the innovators and trailblazers in the business world, we believe that entrepreneurs should be recognized more than just one week out of the year. That’s why Digital Ignition’s coworking space champions the spirit of entrepreneurship day in and day out.

As a coworking space and technology hub that represent over 40 companies of various industries, we encourage businesses’ prosperity and growth through:

We wish all of our members a Happy National Entrepreneurship Week! Thank you for helping us to create such a collaborative coworking community and for helping us to foster our own Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in North Georgia.

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