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Alpharetta Office and Coworking - Digital Ignition is on Track to Create Local Success Stories

Coworking Office Success Stories

Coworking spaces are becoming an increasingly popular option for companies of all sizes that are looking for a collaboration space that is within budget but, more importantly, keeps them productive.

According to recent research, people who work in coworking spaces are 74% more productive than those outside of these inspiring environments. In fact, according to global research by Deskmag and Deskwanted:

  • 86% of coworking residents have a larger business network

  • 93% of these individuals or companies have a larger social network

  • 30% of companies and individuals experience an increase in income

Are there benefits to Coworking versus an Office Lease?

For companies looking to move from a long-term lease into a coworking space, this same research reported that more than 30% of individuals working in these environments felt more collaborative and creative. Here is a visual from Deskwanted that illustrates the benefits you could achieve by moving your company to a coworking space.

Coworking spaces are the ideal way for individuals working in a new remote and/or hybrid environment to work on projects independently without feeling the isolation that sometimes comes with working from home. This also applies for entrepreneurs, who could use the creative energy and connections that are included in these coworking environments, to drive growth. Collectively, if you have passionate and like-minded people under the same roof, coworking spaces offer the perfect recipe to boost productivity.

Alpharetta Office and Coworking Space for My Business Growth?

Many incredible success stories have resulted from people sharing coworking spaces. Below are some famous companies you’ve probably have heard of. Coming into our Alpharetta office and coworking facility may result in this greatness too!


Coworking Picture Perfect

One of the largest social media platforms in the world blossomed at a coworking office in San Francisco. By surrounding themselves with passionate individuals, the founders were able to develop something so popular that they were purchased by Facebook for one billion dollars.

Our Alpharetta Coworking facility also houses companies in the photography and video production space. They are helping local and global companies more efficiently showcase their products and services on platforms like Instagram.


Coworking Changing the World

While some people may take an Uber to a nearby coworking facility, this company also grew in a coworking facility. This worldwide transportation service, now in 80 countries worldwide, provides jobs for millions and has created an entire new transportation category.

Our Alpharetta coworking office has several companies in the transportation space that are leveraging the resources available at our facility every day to take their organization to the next level – much the way Uber did years ago!


Coworking United People through Music

Another startup that started out from a coworking space is the music platform Spotify. The company now has more than 159 million users and earns more than $5 billion dollars every year. Given their roots, no wonder Spotify recently announced they are letting their global staff work from offices and coworking locations near them.

Our Alpharetta coworking space invited the Spotify community to work at our facility to help boost their productivity while honoring the founding roots of this amazing organization.


Coworking Creating Green Jobs

Ofo, which started in a coworking space in London, is a member-based bicycle riding sharing program that is now available in 250 cities and 21 countries worldwide. While you may not have heard of them, they are providing bicycles that are used by tourists, professionals and have even donated to homeless shelters to enable transportation to those without vehicles.

They wanted to find a way to support new startups who have incredible ideas, but no access to funding to support their visions. This is a great example of the benefits of co-working spaces providing the community and support for each other’s big ideas. 

Our Alpharetta coworking space is implementing environmental programs throughout the organization –everything from EV chargers to promote electric vehicles to planting pollinator gardens to support a blooming environment. It takes a village of environmental ideas to change the world.

Alpharetta Offices and Coworking Helping Companies Grow

Big Alpharetta Offices Fueling Big Dreams

Digital Ignition is a coworking and tech incubator facility less than 5 minutes from GA 400 and Halcyon. If you are looking to boost productivity and surround yourself with the type of energy that motivates everyone to accomplish great things, then this is the place for you.

Our Alpharetta Offices, coworking spaces, and conference rooms have a futuristic theme and are ready for you to carve out your path towards greatness. Digital Ignition has often been described as a launching pad for area businesses looking to grow and achieve success.

Schedule your free tour and experience this unique Alpharetta coworking space for free! Contact us to learn more.

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