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Digital Ignition Featured on Episode 6 of Will Trent

Promotional image for the ABC TV series “Will Trent”, representing Digital Ignition’s involvement in the series.
Image by ABC network

Alpharetta Coworking Space, Digital Ignition, Becomes Sought-After Filming Location in the North Atlanta Area

In recent years, Digital Ignition has caught the attention of Atlanta’s prominent film industry. From commercial projects to film and television projects, Digital Ignition’s modern architecture and high-tech coworking space has proved to be a desired filming location in the North Metro-Atlanta area.

So naturally, when the producers of the new ABC show “Will Trent” wanted to use Digital Ignition as a filming location, we absolutely had to say YES.

Filming Will Trent at Digital Ignition

The show follows the story of a fictional GBI investigator, Will Trent, as he uses his unique perspective to solve crimes in Atlanta. Because of Will’s innate ability to put the puzzle pieces together, we believe that the character matches the energy of our innovative and passionate members at Digital Ignition.

With a cast and crew that seemed to embody the spirit of Digital Ignition’s creative and lively work environment, it’s safe to say that the Digital Ignition team had a blast on set. From helping the pre-production crew navigate our building, to assisting on production day, we truly felt like we were a part of the show’s magic.

Tune in to “Will Trent” on February 14, 2023 at 10 p.m. EST, to spot your favorite Alpharetta coworking space on your TV. You can watch the program on the ABC network or on HULU and watch the trailer for the episode here.

The Future of Film in Atlanta and Surrounding Areas

The city of Atlanta alone has become one of the top filming locations in the United States, which could be partially due to Georgia’s film tax incentives. As an economically appealing state to film in, Georgia leaders have recognized the potential that the state has to elaborate on the coined name, “Hollywood of the South”, and has welcomed the film industry with open arms.

According to local news source, News4Jax, the Georgia Department of Economic Development reported that the state hosted 412 productions between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022. We’re proud to say that the Digital Ignition team played a part in this role, too!

At Digital Ignition, our film journey began in 2019 with MacGyver. Since 2019, though, our facility has been progressively gaining more attention from film scouts in the Atlanta area. In 2022, Digital Ignition booked 4 film and commercial projects and plans to further develop its film portfolio throughout 2023.

Atlanta has become a major hub for television production in the United States, with a large number of popular shows being filmed in the city and contributing to the state's economy. From our point of view at Digital Ignition, it looks like Atlanta’s major film hub is expanding, as we continue to secure more film and commercial projects moving into 2023.

Why Digital Ignition is a Great Film Location

Aside from Digital Ignition’s appealing architecture and functional coworking space, our building and lot are seemingly perfect for film crews. Some of our most valuable features to film crews are:

  • High ceilings- perfect for boom mics and cameras

  • Loading dock- makes moving equipment easy

  • Nearby basecamp- out of sight and out of mind

  • Easy access to GA 400- a direct route to and from Atlanta

  • Secluded property- keeps productions secure and private

  • Experienced team- we know the ropes, and we’ve got your back

With Forsyth County becoming an increasingly popular film area and with Digital Ignition becoming a well sought-after film location, the Digital Ignition team looks forward to welcoming more film crews into the coworking space(ship) in 2023!

For more information about Digital Ignition’s film location offerings, please visit our Contact Us page.

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