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Digital Ignition Partners with Georgia Blockchain Coalition

Derek Distenfield presenting at an event for Digital Ignition and Georgia Blockchain Coalition

Blockchain Technology Expands to Forsyth County’s Booming Tech Community

Entrepreneurs Derek Distenfield and Chris Spears hosted a “Blockchain, Venture Capital and Fundraising Hacks” event in December at Digital Ignition—a coworking space and technology hub in Forsyth County.

Distenfield, the Managing Director of Fundamental Global, kicked off the event with a presentation about how companies can seek mentorship and investors as well as how companies can position for growth in 2023.

Spears, the Managing Director of Georgia Blockchain Coalition, echoed Distenfield and presented on the future of blockchain technology and how it can help businesses succeed as blockchain overshadows cryptocurrency and similar technologies.

Georgia Blockchain Coalition Chooses Digital Ignition as Its New Home

Closing out the event, Distenfield announced that Georgia Blockchain Coalition would be partnering with Digital Ignition in 2023, setting up an office in the Forsyth County technology hub. Located in the heart of the GA 400 Technology Corridor, Digital Ignition will house Georgia Blockchain Coalition’s operations.

“Blockchain is an emerging technology that we’re all going to need to become more familiar with,” said Spears. “Working with Digital Ignition, we look forward to engaging with the technology hub and building a community that thrives on blockchain technology.”

Artwork of two hands touching, representing the partnership between Digital Ignition and Georgia Blockchain Coalition

New Opportunities for Growth

In 2023, Digital Ignition will host events for entrepreneurs, specifically a new business accelerator as well as a venture summit. These events will be pioneered by FG Labs, which is an extension of Fundamental Global, led by Distenfield. The technology hub will foster innovators looking for resources, mentorship, investors, and more.

”My goal is to make Digital Ignition the catalyst for tech innovators to thrive,” said Distenfield. “Georgia Blockchain Coalition will play a huge role in these innovators’ successes, and I’m excited to watch everyone’s hopes and dreams come to fruition.”

A key player in supporting Georgia Blockchain Coalition’s transition and FG Labs’ endeavors will be Joanne Sanders, who is the General Manager of Digital Ignition and owns EWISE Marketing and Communications –a sales-oriented marketing company that operates out of Digital Ignition’s coworking space.

“The partnership between Digital Ignition and Georgia Blockchain Coalition will allow for collaboration on blockchain events that will help educate and build awareness for the growing tech community in Forsyth County,” said Joanne Sanders.” Between FG Labs, Georgia Blockchain Coalition, and the influx of tech innovators and entrepreneurs that seek out Digital Ignition daily, Digital Ignition is going to become the ‘go to’ spot for Georgia’s tech companies.”

Join a Community of Innovators

As Georgia Blockchain Coalition moves into Digital Ignition’s workspace that cultivates new ideas and inventions in tech, bright-eyed entrepreneurs and seasoned technology professionals alike are invited to join Digital Ignition’s bustling tech community.

To learn more about Digital Ignition’s accelerator, please visit

To learn more about Georgia Blockchain Coalition, please visit

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