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Orion3D Studios Grows and Expands Services to Adjust to Fierce Demand for Virtual 3D Tours

From a Nice-to-Have to a Must-Have for Real Estate Selling Today

Digital Ignition member, Orion3D Studios, knew that when the COVID19 virus began to spread across Europe in March, they needed to pivot their current business model and offer clients a better virtual sales strategy to support the real estate industry. To support the market, Orion3D Studios rethought every aspect of their professional services to help their clients adjust to provide real estate companies with the competitive edge they needed to sell virtually.

With that inspiration in mind, this lead to the creation of their Virtual 3D SpaceWalk program -- allowing buyers to walk through the property without leaving the safety of their own living room. They also paired their Virtual 3D SpaceWalk tours with a Virtual Open House service - which includes customizable websites that embeds their virtual video and makes sales and marketing efforts even easier.

Alpharetta Coworking Startup Grows During COVID19

Orion3D also took the opportunity to strengthen operationally – investing in equipment, marketing, partners, and team members to ensure they delivered for their customers. “We focused on the ‘Overview Effect’ as our inspiration - which is identified as a profound shift in thinking marked by an overwhelming sense of unity and connectedness to all humanity. For us, this strategy moved us to reimagine more than what we thought was possible and, moreover, it seemed perfect for the current struggles throughout society, “said Dan Murphy, Founder of Orion3D.

Orion3D specializes in professional digital video production services and has been producing high quality productions since 1999. They are a past winner of the Telly Awards which are given out annually for excellence in film and video production. The winners represent the best work of some of the most respected ad agencies, production companies, and video departments in the world.

“We are excited to have an award-winning video production company as a member of Digital Ignition,” said Joanne Sanders, President of EWISE Communications and General Manager of Digital Ignition “We are delighted to see our members innovate and pivot their business models to develop resources to help people stay connected and thrive. I speak as the General Manager and as a client of Orion 3D,” she added.

Want to surround yourself with successful companies like Orion3D? Contact Digital Ignition and spend a week here – on us!

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