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Digital Ignition Becomes Influential in Forsyth County’s Film Industry

Image of a film crew working on a film production at Digital Ignition.

Film Projects and Film Advocacy at Digital Ignition has Sparked Leadership Opportunity on Forsyth County Film Commission

Digital Ignition is paving the way for the future of film in Forsyth County. As a flexible coworking space with modern and innovative architecture and interior design, Digital Ignition has become a sought-after filming location for many film, TV, and commercial projects coming out of the Atlanta area.

Though the film industry as a whole is increasing its presence in the Atlanta area, Forsyth County has started to secure more and more film projects. As a result, Film Forsyth, an organization dedicated to securing film production in the county, has created the first-ever Forsyth County Film Commission.

Digital Ignition’s general manager and president of EWISE Marketing and Communications, Joanne Sanders, is a founding member of the Forsyth County Film Commission. In this role, Sanders will serve as a liaison between Digital Ignition and the Forsyth County Film Commission.

Digital Ignition’s Experience Working With Film Crews

The first time Digital Ignition hosted a film production was in 2019 for the filming of season 4, episode 9 of the popular TV series “MacGuyver.” Though the Digital Ignition team remembers this significant time as “an incredible experience,” this was just the beginning of Digital Ignition’s appearances on the big screen.

In 2022 alone, Digital Ignition hosted four film crews that were shooting for TV series and commercials with some of the largest names in TV networks. From transforming offices into green rooms to creating an onsite basecamp for trailers to park comfortably, the Digital Ignition team has been able to successfully accommodate the particular needs of each film project.

"When I became general manager of Digital Ignition, I never thought that we would be working so closely with the film industry,” said Sanders. “Now, Digital Ignition is one of the most popular film locations, and we look forward to helping Forsyth County take advantage of the economic benefits of working with the film industry.”

How Digital Ignition Will Leverage Film Industry Leadership to Increase Forsyth County Economic Development

With Digital Ignition securing a record number of film productions for 2022, the Alpharetta coworking space has set the standard and will now serve as an ally to the Forsyth County Film Commission as well as fellow filming locations in the county. In fact, Sanders has already been deemed a film site manager and film advocate within the Forsyth County Film Commission.

"There is an unbelievable opportunity here for our local economy to benefit from film industry presence,” said Sanders. “At Digital Ignition, we advocate for Forsyth County businesses in food and beverage, transportation, real estate, and other industries to join in the fun so that they can also reap the financial benefits of film presence as well as increased visibility for their businesses.”

As the official technology incubator of Forsyth County and prime location on the GA 400 Technology Corridor, Digital Ignition’s access to resources will also play a crucial role in helping more film locations across the county to have successful experiences with film partners. Furthermore, the coworking space is home to many startups and small businesses with local, national, and international reach that can utilize its network to further advance film productions in the county.

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